Dance Nation Online Classes – Contract 2020


• Before your online profile is approved you must pay a non refundable deposit of $50.00 per student to gain access to the online classes. This will then be taken off your fee invoice. Payment must be made by 9:00am 13th of April 2020 to secure your first week of classes.
• You will not be charged for public holidays and live classes will not run.
• From the date that you receive your invoice you have 14 days to make payment.
• If you fail to make payment by the due date you will incur a $5.00 per day late fee until they are paid. e.g. if you are five days late your late fee total will be $25.00 (weekends are included)
• Refunds or credits will not be issued if a student misses a class. There are makeup lessons available.
• When a bank transfer is made please send a copy of the receipt as proof of payment to to avoid late fees.
• When labelling your bank transfer payments please use the INVOICE NUMBER and write a CLEAR DESCRIPTION of what the payment is for
• We accept one payment from one family member/guardian only. If you are splitting the payment between multiple family members/guardians, you are to organise this prior to making payment. It becomes difficult locating multiple payments for one invoice.
• We don’t accept advanced payments for any future fees
• We do offer payment plans for the duration of five weeks for all students. Payment will be deducted automatically from your nominated bank account on your chosen date by Ezi Debit.
• If you choose to use this option and you have two or more failed payments, your payment plan contract will be void and the remaining balance will need to be paid in full within 7 days.

Payment plan fees are as follows:
– Ezi Debit set up fee/admin fee $5.50 which will be deducted in the first transaction.
– Weekly fees Bank transfer $1.20
– Visa/Mastercard 2.5%.
– Amex / Diners 4.4%
– DanceBiz fee – $1.00 which will be added to your invoice.
– Ezi Debit Failed payment fee $21.90 per failed payment

• Please phone reception for information regarding payment plans and how to set one up. Studio Phone number – 0421792906
Safety and studio regulations
• If an injury or serious illness occurs, that leaves you incapable of continuing with your dance training, the Director will assess each case and determine what outcome will be best for both parties.
• By agreeing to this contract you understand that students are dancing at their own risk at home.
• Students of Dance Nation Academy that are participating in our online program must contact the Director of DNA before purchasing any online content / classes that are not affiliated with Dance Nation Academy
• Choreography; To preserve the intellectual property of our teachers work, all choreography for competitions, annual productions or casual/workshop classes taught at Dance Nation Academy, remains the property of Dance Nation Academy and/or its teachers and may not be used without permission.
• Students are prohibited to film or record any online classes taken via Zoom.
• Students are prohibited to share Zoom meeting links or Youtube links with anybody.

By agreeing to this contract I hereby acknowledge that with any physical activity there is a risk of personal injury. Dance Nation Academy teachers and staff members are not responsible or liable for any injury/incident that may occur.
I agree to Dance Nation Academy’s 2020 online Terms & Conditions and understand that if they are not met, the contract will be void. Dance Nation Academy reserves the right to withdraw the students enrolment contract at any time.

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