Dance Nation Academy's
Concert Showcases

2022 Showcase “Elements”

Snippets from our end of year senior show November 2022.

2022 Promo Elements

Dance Nation Academy’s Concept for their 2022 end of year senior showcase production.
Filmed and edited by – Shotography.

2021 Junior Show Opening

Batman Opening for our junior showcase theme – A night at the movies.

2019 Showcase Highlights

Snippets of our students performing in “ Seven Deadly Sins “ our 2019 show. Multiple dance genres displayed.

2018 Freak Show Showcase

An original concept taking our audience on a journey under the big top. Entertaining and thrilling themes incorporating dancers, acrobats and visual projections.

2017 Showcase Highlights

Snippets of our students performing in “ I Believe “ our 2017 show. Multiple dance genres displayed including our singing program.

DNA clips


DNA Concept Video – 2020.

Experience DNA

A day in the life of a DNA dancer. Featuring – Mackenzie Duffy

ONE Melbourne 2020

Our inters hip hop students performing “Dungeon Dragon” at ONE performance

– fundraising event for the Australian bush fires in 2020

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