All parents and students of Dance Nation Academy must adhere to the 2022 terms and conditions outlined in this contract. If the contract is broken it will be void and the student will be asked to leave the studio, Dance Nation Academy.


  • At the commencement of students first class an enrolment form and T&C’s contract must be completed. If the student is under the age of eighteen years old a parent/ guardian will need to sign the documents on the students behalf
  • If a student is absent please email admin@dancenationacademy.com . Alternatively you can phone/text our studio line on 0421 792 906
  • We expect 100% commitment and attendance from all students when enrolling
  • Students are expected to arrive five minutes before their class commences
  • Students under the age of 18 are to be collected on time by a parent/guardian before leaving the premises. Students are prohibited to wait outside the studio after class is finished and must be collected from inside the studio by a parent/guardian
  • If a parent is expected to be late picking up a student, they are to advise staff in advance
  • Whilst you are enrolled with Dance Nation Academy, enrolling at other studios or
    participating in classes is off limits. External workshops must be approved by Director
  • You must seek permission before auditioning for any external programs/companies
  • We have a ‘No change of mind’ policy. You must commit for a full term in the classes that you have enrolled in. No refunds or credits will be given
  • Dance Nation Academy do not offer make up classes.


  • If you wish to communicate with any member of the Dance Nation Academy team, please email admin@dancenationacademy.com or phone/text 0421 792 906. Please do not contact staff on their personal devices or social media in regards to DNA matters
  • All parents are encouraged to join our Facebook community page. This is a private group where we share class footage for the students to practise and post lost property items. All updates that are posted on our Facebook community page are also emailed for those that don’t engage with social media
  • Please refrain from using this platform to express feedback or personal concern, you can email us privately at admin@dancenationacademy.com to discuss these matters. Any such comments will be deleted
  • Social Media; For the safety of our students and staff we advise against communicating with dance teachers directly on this network
  • We encourage all students to tag us on instagram when sharing content – @dancenationacademy and using the hashtag #teamdna


  • It is compulsory for every student to attend every concert rehearsal (within their age group)
  • If a student is absent from one or more rehearsals, they will be unable to participate in the Dance Nation Academy annual concert
  • Film or flash photography is prohibited throughout the Dance Nation Academy annual show
  • If your account balance has an outstanding amount before theatre rehearsals commence, students will be unable to attend until debt is cleared.


  • All students are required to wear the compulsory uniform to each class and the correct dance shoes for each specific class
  • If you are waiting for stock to arrive, please ensure your child is wearing full black attire that they are able to dance in
  • All custom dance stock can be purchased from our dance shop. All other items can be purchased from Stage Zone (our local dance supplier).


  • From the date that you receive your invoice you have 14 days to make full payment
  • If you fail to make payment by the due date you will incur a $5.00 per day late fee until they are paid. e.g. if you are five days late your late fee total will be $25.00 (weekends are included)
  • We do have Visa/Mastercard facilities on site. If you choose to use this payment method you will incur a 2% surcharge per transaction. Alternatively, we accept cash and banktransfer payment
  • If a bank transfer is made please send a copy of the receipt as proof of payment to accounts@dancenationacademy.com to avoid late fees
  • When labelling your bank transfer payments please use the invoice number and write a clear description of what the payment is for (eg. fees, costume, uniform etc.)
  • We accept one payment from one family member/guardian only. If you are splitting the payment between multiple family members/guardians, you are to organise this prior to making payment
  • If you have made arrangements with external companies that are paying on your behalf, such companies must pay within our time frame as per our terms and conditions. It is not Dance Nation Academy’s responsibility to be chasing payments
  • If your late payment fees exceed 21 days, students will no longer be allowed to participate in classes until the students debt is cleared
  • We don’t accept advanced payments for any future fees (eg. costumes, DVD). You will be billed by the term
  • If you have outstanding fees from the previous year or term you will not be able to commence classes until your debt has been cleared
  • Credits will be applied to your account if there are any overpayments or discrepancies to your invoice. (Fees, missed private lessons, costumes etc)


  • Dance Nation Academy offer payment plans via Ezy Debit
  • Payment plans are only issued for term fees
  • Payment plans are only valid for 5 weeks. The customer will be able to nominate a day
    for debit and the amount, as long as its paid within the 5 weeks. If you choose to use this option and you have two or more failed payments, your payment plan contract will be void and the remaining balance will need to be paid in full within 7 days

    • Payment plan fees are as follows:
    • Ezi Debit set up fee/admin fee $5.50 which will be deducted in the first transaction
    • Weekly fees Bank transfer $1.20
    • Visa/Mastercard 2.5%
    • Amex / Diners 4.4%
  • DanceBiz fee – $1.00 which will be added to your invoice
  • Ezi Debit Failed payment fee $21.90 per failed payment
  • Please contact reception for information regarding payment plans and how to set one up.


  • Every student/s is expected to purchase one copy of the concert footage per family. You will be issued one invoice for the total amount
  • Dance Nation Academy do not hire costumes. All students are required to purchase a costume for each routine they are performing in. Costume prices range between $50 – $90 per costume. If the costume is not paid by the due date, the student will miss out on receiving their costume and will not be able to perform in that specific dance/routine
  • Students may be required to purchase various dance tights, under garments and shoes for their concert routine/s. Please note we reuse the same style of shoe multiple times to keep the costs low
  • Concert tickets, more information will be emailed out, closer to date
  • Awards night tickets, more information will be emailed out, closer to date
  • Competitions, all students competing in troupe, solo, duo or trio’s must pay for their own
    entry fees and require permission before entering any competition
  • Selected students may be required to purchase a Wiglet (ponytail hair piece) for the
    concert. Orders are placed through the studio
  • Selected students will be chosen to represent Dance Nation Academy interstate/
    overseas. If the student/parent chooses to accept they are required to fund the students trip (air fares, accomodation, food etc.)


  • If an injury or serious illness occurs, that leaves you incapable of continuing with your dance training, the Director will assess each case and determine what outcome will be best for both parties
  • Parents are not able to watch classes from inside the studio. We do have viewing windows available on the premises however, parents are only able to view the last 15 minutes of classes
  • All students property should be stored in the storage spaces provided in the studios/ change rooms whilst the dancers are in class. Please note that while Dance Nation Academy will store lost property, we take no responsibility for items left on the premises
  • No food and drink is to be consumed in the dance studios, only water (no glass bottles)
  • Dance Nation Academy is a nut free zone
  • Dance Nation Academy has a zero tolerance for bullying. If you are caught
    disrespecting or causing harm to other students or staff, you will be given one firm warning. If the behaviour continues the students enrolment will be terminated effective immediately. If you are being bullied please advise your teacher or the admin team
  • If a student or parent wish to communicate with teachers of Dance Nation Academy in regards to their training, you are to contact the Studio Coordinator and they will assist you. You are not permitted to contact the teacher directly
  • Dance Nation Academy is committed to providing a safe and healthy work place for employees, contractors, dancers and visitors. We request all parents to observe their child’s safety and communicate any information that would improve the students well- being
  • Dance Nation Academy have a first aid kit on site at all times. We also have multiple staff members that are First Aid qualified. If a child injures themselves we will contact a parent or guardian to pick the student up. In the event of an emergency, an ambulance will be called immediately
  • Choreography; To preserve the intellectual property of our teachers work, all choreography for competitions, annual productions or casual/workshop classes taught at Dance Nation Academy, remains the property of Dance Nation Academy and/or its teachers and may not be used without permission
  • As Dance Nation Academy is not a licensed child minding facility, we are unable to “mind” other children not enrolled or participating in classes
  • Parents and students are prohibited to film or photograph group sessions. You are only able to film/photograph your child.


Dance Nation Academy will not issue refunds on the following items

  • Dance Fees
  • Online zoom classes
  • Costumes
  • Uniform/Merchandise
  • Awards night tickets
  • Concert tickets
  • Wiglets
  • DVD/Concert Footage
  • Workshops


  • Physical contact between a teacher and student may be required to demonstrate, correct or assist with dance or tumbling movements
  • Any inappropriate or indecent physical contact between staff, students or visitors of DNA must be reported immediately.


  • If Dance Nation Academy is forced to close due to government restrictions, all classes except acrobatics will automatically migrate over to our online platform via Zoom
  • All enrolled students are expected to take part in all online classes during the lockdown period.(excluding acro students)
    – Acrobatics students that miss out due to the lockdowns will receive make up classes
  • Dance Nation Academy members will receive a zoom timetable which will be used for all
    unforeseeable lockdowns. The details will remain the same unless advised otherwise
  • Students will be required to login 10 minuets before class to ensure there are no technical issues.


  • All students must not attend classes if they are feeling unwell or have any of the symptoms related to Covid – 19
  • If a student does contract Covid – 19 we will credit their fees for the time that they are absent. We will need proof of the positive result to issue a credit
  • Parents are able to watch their student trial a class if they are new to Dance Nation Academy but must maintain a safe distance in the viewing windows and abide by our number limits in each area. Dependant on the current heath advice
  • Depending on the current health advice, studio restrictions may change.You will be updated via email
  • All students and visitors must adhere to the studios guidelines in a cooperative manner.

Media Release

Dance nation Academy may occasionally use the students names, photographic and/or video images for use on our website, brochures and social media platforms.
Please advice staff if we do not have permission to use images of students for promotional material.

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