Class Structure
DNA Dance

DNA offer a wide variety of dance styles to students of all ages. We have created 2 streams that our valued DNA members can choose from, the recreational stream and our Industry (elite) stream. Please see below for information on our programs.

Class Structure

The recreational stream is catered to students who are wanting to train for fun and fitness. Whether that will be one class or multiple, DNA offer various styles and genres for all abilities.

DNA staff encourage all students to work together and support each other. Our mission is to create a safe space for all students to express themselves freely in their classes.

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Class Structure

The Industry stream is available to students by audition or selection. We have two Industry groups, Petite (ages 7 – 9 years) Pre Teen ( ages 10 – 12 ) and Pre Professional  ( aged 13 – open age )

This program is designed for students who are passionate about dance and pursuing a career in the arts. Our goal is to mentor and educate students to prepare them for the professional industry.

Class Structure
DNA are excited to bring you fresh new classes to our 2022 timetable. We have introduced yoga and pilates sessions led by Melbourne’s best fitness coaches. Whether you want to improve your physical fitness or focus on your mental well being, these classes are for you. The recommended age is 13 years + with no previous experience required. 
Class Structure
Mat Work Pilates

Mat pilates is a strength based workout focusing on building a balanced and strong body while increasing flexibility. Mat pilates employs controlled breathing, core strength building while performing body weight resisted movement.

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Class Structure

Yoga uses breathing techniques, exercises and meditation to improve your physical and mental health. Yoga promotes balance, posture and coordination through strengthening and stretching poses. Yoga is not a high intensity work out, it is a self paced class. You will leave the session feeling centred, relaxed and refreshed.

Class Structure
DNA Kids

DNA kids have specifically created and tailor made an array of programs that are suitable for students under the age of 5. This stream is for students that are wanting a fun, interactive early learning experience that they can enjoy with their parent or guardian. Our vision behind the DNA Kids programs are to create a positive, safe and inclusive atmosphere where children of all abilities can engage in activities that aid development. Theses programs are exclusively class based with no extras requirements. Please see below the 3 programs that we offer.

Class Structure
Fairy Palace

Fairy Palace is a dance based class incorporating props, costumes and pure imagination. Students will learn and develop coordination, improve their motor skills, musicality and rhythm. Fairy Palace classes also focus on the foundations of Ballet and Jazz.

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Class Structure
Jumping Jellybeans
Our Jumping Jellybeans program was created to provide an age appropriate acrobatics and gymnastics based class. The benefits of this program include development in mobility, motor skills and strength. We incorporate equipment such as mini trampolines, tumbling mats and colourful obstacle equipment. This class will help build students confidence and strengthen the connection between parent and child through the class activities. 
Class Structure
Mini Musicians

Mini Musician’s is a music based class that includes music, singing and dancing. Our program incorporates the use of musical instruments where students gain rhythm, musicality and creative skills. Parents will enjoy making music with their child and will leave our studio with a spring in their step

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Class Structure
DNA Music

DNA offer vocal classes for all ages and levels. We have group class options and private lessons available.

Class Structure

We offer group sessions and private voice lessons here at DNA.

Our music department is led  by our vocal coach Justin Clausen, who has had an extensive professional career. A few highlights include The Voice Australia, “He’s every women” which Justin wrote, produced and composed for the Melbourne Fringe Festival and the Midsummer Festival. Justin has been teaching singing for over 10 years and is extremely passionate about educating the next generation. Student’s will learn to sing with a pianist and also backing tracks.

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Class Structure
Age Groups
Group Class Age
1 Bubs 2 – 3 years
2 Tiny Tots 3 – 4 years
3 Sub Junior Grade Prep / Foundation
4 Junior 6 – 8 years
5 Intermediate 9 – 12 years
6 Teens 13 – 15 years
7 Senior 16 – 25 years
8 Adults Open age
Carol Duffy

“We drive 1 hour to DNA four days a week because its WORTH IT! I couldn’t ask for a more professional, supportive dance studio for my kids. I’m so glad we found DNA”

Dianne Borg

“My girls have special needs and this was one of the only studios that took us in. DNA have amazed me with what they can get out of my daughters, thank you Brittany and team.”

Hayden Baulch

“DNA was the place where I found my passion. I am now working as a professional dancer travelling around the world because of the hard work, dedication and love Brittany and her teachers instilled in me.”

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