Class Structure

The recreational stream is catered to students who are wanting to train for fun and fitness. Whether that will be one class or multiple, DNA offer various styles and genres for all abilities.

DNA staff encourage all students to work together and support each other. Our mission is to create a safe space for all students to express themselves freely in their classes.

Class Structure

The Industry stream is available to students by audition or selection. We have two Industry groups, Petite (ages 9 – 12years) Pre Professional  ( aged 13 – open age )

This program is designed for students who are passionate about dance and pursuing a career in the arts. Our goal is to mentor and educate students to prepare them for the professional industry.

Class Structure
Age Groups
Group Class Age
1 Bubs 2 – 3 years
2 Tiny Tots 3 – 4 years
3 Sub Junior Grade Prep / Foundation
4 Junior 6 – 8 years
5 Intermediate 9 – 12 years
6 Teens 13 – 15 years
7 Senior 16 – 25 years
8 Adults Open age
Carol Duffy

“We drive 1 hour to DNA four days a week because its WORTH IT! I couldn’t ask for a more professional, supportive dance studio for my kids. I’m so glad we found DNA”

Dianne Borg

“My girls have special needs and this was one of the only studios that took us in. DNA have amazed me with what they can get out of my daughters, thank you Brittany and team.”

Hayden Baulch

“DNA was the place where I found my passion. I am now working as a professional dancer travelling around the world because of the hard work, dedication and love Brittany and her teachers instilled in me.”

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